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Ryan Ray Sound is a company owned by me, Ryan Ray. I provide Sound Recording and Mixing services for Film, TV, Commercial and Corporate projects. I have been in the audio field for 13+ years and am confident that I can take on any project and provide the best possible results.

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Boom Operating

Sound Design

My Experience

4 Years 2005
Home Recording

As a young man, I was very passionate about creating and recording music. In an effort to plunge head-first into the field, I spent many years recording various local bands and artists in my home, where I managed to build a project studio.

8 Years 2009
Recording Engineer

I was hired on as a Recording Engineer at Digital Insight Recording Studios in 2009. I worked many years recording everything that came through the door (Rock, Hip Hop, Voice Over, ADR, etc.)

3 Years 2015
Sound Mixer / Recordist

I began getting opportunities to do field recording for a few commercials and loved it so much that I decided to pursue a career in freelance Sound Mixing full-time.

1 Year 2017
Sound Design

Through my knowledge attained after years of studio work, I began to apply my skills to projects that needed sound design, editing, and re-record mixing in the "post-world", while still pursuing projects as a freelance sound mixer.


All TV Commercial Corporate

My Services

Sound Mixing

I will record and mix all audio signals to camera and run a back-up recording to be used in post.

Sound Recording

No mixing needed. You just want a multi-channel recording for your project or event. I have enough gear to handle any size of production.

Sound Editing

Have a bunch of notes for sound edits on your project? Pass them to me! I have expert-level knowledge of Avid Pro Tools and will get through them quick.

Sound Design

Is your sound mix missing awesome sound effects to put that extra production value on your project? I have an extensive library of sound effects that I'm ready to deploy. I am also able to do foley work.


Automated Dialogue Replacement. Do you need to re-record some lines because recording conditions were not ideal? I have a nice quiiet and acoustically treated space where we can get those crucial lines that will complete your project.

Re-Recording Mix

Does your Film, TV Show, or Commercial need a full mixdown? Send me all of your files and let me do the work. I will have the mix broadcast ready.



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